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Social Responsibilities

GreenApple Group is not only a Commercial Organization, which is Involve in profit Making business only, but this Organization is also want to do the betterment of our society, we want to do something for the lower class and middle class of our society.

Educational Project For The Non School Going Children

Right to Education for every child Should be a reality and word to be translated in to action to bring a visible change through involvement of people who deserve it, those who belong to the tertiary sector of life, who livelihood as camoared to the against team of civilization in this mission we have to ensure participation and direct involovement of all community people and to enculude to the exsting facilities, resoureses and the system in our work area.

Free Health and Chekup Camp

Greenapple foundation is join to work in the area of health, Education , relief of poor and providing facilities to different people of Uttar Pradesh specially in purvanchal.

Greenapple foundation orgnize free health chekup camp specially for diabiates , blood pressure, T.V. and other type of deseases. Because there is a famous saying that health is not just about what you are eating.It is also about what you are thinking and saying. Health considerd the biggest preasure as you can not injoy anything if your health is not good. Health is Wealth.

"Today. More than 45% to all chronic disease is caused by food chaica,toxie food ingredients and lake of physical execise".

Blanket For The Need

Greenapple thinks, its not about changing the lives pd people but doing something even more basic i.e. morning than survival cobbling than to light their battle of-survival against mother nature. Greenapple has strong inner drive to do something for them and they started off by donating blanket to the needy people as soon as possible.

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